HEXA Management and AOS join SDIA

HEXA LogoThe companies Hexa Management and AOS decided to join their efforts in SDIA: the two organizations will engage their teams in a collaborative process to identify commercially viable investments, provide capital, and deliver technical expertise and capacity building.

With the agreement they decided to put in place a:

  1. permanent consultation between the two bodies with common lobbying activities in relation to international organizations and governments as well as other social partners, for economic and institutional aspects of national, European and international level;
  2. promotion of the two bodies within international organizations in order to increase visibility and allow to participate in bids through consortia and / or directly;
  3. development of programs and proposals on issues of common interest
  4. organization of seminars and Program Managment assistance / training about the organization and procedures in place at international and national organizations.


The future of the industrial activities of each country is inextricably linked to small businesses, key to competitiveness, supporting structure of the real economy and the processes of development, place of integration and construction of memberships.
Create the conditions that allow small businesses to fully express their potential is a shared responsibility: institutions and politics, economic and social forces: Everyone’s responsibility.

Small Businesses in the Defense & Security and Duale Industry
Small businesses are able to combine competition and efficiency along with proximity and social cohesion. They make up a world that innovates, produces wealth and employment, feeds the connectivity of the social fabric, increases the wealth of knowledge, of ability, of hard work and professionalism. Express social value and are irreplaceable during transmission and dissemination of work values, inclusion, solidarity.
Small businesses operating in the field of Defence & Security and the Duale must find in the market, rather than subcontracting, the deeper reasons of their being. The market is driven by investment and private initiative, without aid and subsidies, without protected markets, without monopolies and revenue. The subcontracting, by contrast, requires a subjection and rules of behavior that fail to ensure any growth.
In a few cases, however, they have shown to know how to measure well with the new competitive scenarios. They have made the transition from work to produce to produce to compete. They have strong roots in the area and explore the world they know.

A new model – the internationalization
Small businesses operating in the field of Defence & Security and the Duale can become bearers of a new way of doing business not only in terms of economic development, but also on the social dynamic, consolidating over time a fundamental commitment to the personal virtue of risk, hard work and merit at-casinos.com.
They have sustained the brunt of the great crisis, developing programs tailored and flexible response. They act on the net, come together to compete, team up.
They are facing the future and aspire to participate in building it.
Participating in the change of the reference codes international and national scenarios with which to compare, made of risks and opportunities.
They know that development and growth are not insured at the start, but depend on the quality and strength of the choices made in the field, new visions, new perspectives, new ways of action. And new forms of representation.

SDIA is the new representation of small and medium-sized enterprises, the company spread to the field of Defense & Security and Dual. SDIA was initiated to give voice and identity, visibility, representative capacity and representation in the Defence & Security and Dual Systems. SDIA was created to overcome the logic of the ritual of the meeting and of subcontracting and to rebalance and heal the representation of small businesses in a framework that would explain its concrete contribution. SDIA is a new subject to improve the dialogue with the institutions, the political, the social forces.
There is a widespread need for a route, a compass, a goal, a point from which, in carrying on. Small businesses operating in the field of Defence & Security and the Duale are individuals capable of giving the sector collective vitality, continued innovation, efficiency and internationalization.
SDIA has an ambition: to help modernize the business representative and the presence of the first level in the international market European and national level. It is our responsibility. It is a new opportunity for all.

How to join SDIA
Ordinary Members are the Companies that belong to the category Small Industry (1 to 20), the universities / research centres (at Department level), or other similar bodies. Those entities can apply to became Ordinary Members filling the form here .
All members are required to pay an initial contribution and an annual fee as well as any extraordinary contributions, in the measures established by the Ad-Hoc Committee for each category of members.