A-ICE unveils CLOS at NATO TIDE Sprint

A-ICECLOS: a technological innovation to the “deployment” component of Military Logistics

– At the NATO TIDE 2018 Sprint Event, A-ICE brought a message of technological innovation to the “deployment” component of Military Logistics, presenting CLOS, a challenging project developed with the Italian Air Force and delivering the most efficient and affordable optimisation algorithms in the market.

The CLOS Project, a Collaborative Logistics Optimization System, is highly intuitive, intelligent and an extremely innovative tool.

This collaborative decision-making software is able to contribute to the data coordination and dissemination among all the functional components of a complex Military infrastructure, delivering the best result for any Transportation Mission.

CLOS received incredible interest, attracting the attention of everyone attending our presentation. The feedback from the stakeholders was enthusiastic and the follow-up is promising.

A-ICE has an outstanding level of understanding and constructive confidence in Military Transportation Operations rankhaya.com. Its credibility and reputation has grown significantly and has been strengthened through serious and patient efforts implemented at the most strategic International Military Organizations and Events, like NATO and EDA, TIDE Sprint and NITEC’s.

A-ICE are experienced with developing solutions in response to the actual requirements of the Military Logistics world. A-ICE, already involved in such a subject at National level at the Italian AirForce – AMI and the Interforces Operative Command – COI had the opportunity to make a presentation of its CLOS during that LOGISTICS works, emphasizing the aim of such Cooperative Decision-Making s/w System, through which all the Transportation Operation processes would be optimized, also enhancing the aspects of Interoperability and Sustainability during the Mission.

Once again NATO was welcoming the thought contribution of the “SME’s” as dynamic and cost-effective industrial Entities, whose participation to the NATO innovation process can be strategic as much as the huge contribution traditionally given by the large Companies.