Recycled Airbus A320 cockpits for flight simulation

A320 Cockpit

Training inside an authentic cockpit, with original flight controls and customized instruments: this this is the “new era of aviation” announced by Euramec, a European supplier of flight simulation solutions, which received its first Airbus cockpit from Aerocircular NV, a Belgian company specialized in aerospace “upcycling” A320.

Recycling older aircraft is one way for aviation to reduce its environmental footprint, and now flight training technology group Euramec has come up with a way to reuse Airbus A320s that boosts safety as well.

Founded in 2016 and active in Belgium at the Ostend-Bruges airport, with new branches soon to open in Phoenix (Arizona) and Abu Dhabi, AeroCircular has as its main objective the total recycling of all decommissioned aircraft.

The strategic partnership with Euramec will allow aspiring aviators wishing to obtain commercial or air transport pilot licenses (CPL and ATPL) to train inside an authentic cockpit of an Airbus A320, adapted as a flight simulator with the innovative “Second Lifecycle Design”, in compliance with EASA 2021 regulations for the Flight Simulator.

Reused cockpits are available to flight schools, in collaboration with airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

According to Bert Buyle, Euramec CEO, this will ensure safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective flight simulation programs, possibly also to be provided to private flight schools, military and government agencies in Europe, North America or in Asia-Pacific regions

Source: Euramec