About Us

SDIA is the new representation of small and medium-sized enterprises, the company spread to the field of Defence & Security and Dual. SDIA was initiated to give voice and identity, visibility, representative capacity and representation in the Defence & Security and Dual Systems. SDIA was created to overcome the logic of the ritual of the meeting and of subcontracting and to rebalance and heal the representation of small businesses in a framework that would explain its concrete contribution. SDIA is a new subject to improve the dialogue with the institutions, the political, the social forces.

The future of the industrial activities of each country is inextricably linked to small businesses, key to competitiveness, supporting structure of the real economy and the processes of development, place of integration and construction of memberships.

There is a widespread need for a route, a compass, a goal, a point from which, in carrying on. Small businesses operating in the field of Defence & Security and the Duale are individuals capable of giving the sector collective vitality, continued innovation, efficiency and internationalization.
SDIA has an ambition: to help modernize the business representative and the presence of the first level in the international market European and national level. It is our responsibility at-casinos.com. It is a new opportunity for all.

Create the conditions that allow small businesses to fully express their potential is a shared responsibility: institutions and politics, economic and social forces: Everyone’s responsibility