Small Businesses in the Defence & Security and Duale Industry

Small businesses are able to combine competition and efficiency along with proximity and social cohesion. They make up a world that innovates, produces wealth and employment, feeds the connectivity of the social fabric, increases the wealth of knowledge, of ability, of hard work and professionalism. Express social value and are irreplaceable during transmission and dissemination of work values, inclusion, solidarity.

Small businesses operating in the field of Defence & Security and the Duale must find in the market, rather than subcontracting, the deeper reasons of their being. The market is driven by investment and private initiative, without aid and subsidies, without protected markets, without monopolies and revenue. The subcontracting, by contrast, requires a subjection and rules of behaviour that fail to ensure any growth.
In a few cases, however, they have shown to know how to measure well with the new competitive scenarios. They have made the transition from work to produce to produce to compete. They have strong roots in the area and explore the world they know.